Dr Janice Kreltszheim

Board Chair

Janice, also known as Dr Kreltszheim, has been in General Practice for 25 years, and she is particularly interested in Women’s Health including Family Planning, Antenatal Care and Menopause management.  She believes that better sexual and reproductive health is essential for communities to thrive all over the world, from modern Melbourne to deepest, darkest Africa!

Official qualifications are MBBS (Hons), FRACGP, DRANZCOG.  Also certificates in Family Planning, Skin Cancer Medicine and Skin Cancer Therapeutics.



Marg Docking


Marg is a Midwife & Vocational Educator with a Certificate in Vocational Training and Comprehensive Family Planning and Sexual Health.

“My passion is to prevent the pregnancy/poverty cycle that seems to never end. As a midwife my first love is to see healthy mothers receive healthy babies, but in Uganda the poor midwifery training combined with the numbers actually giving birth make it impossible to impact – even if I worked the remainder of my life in training 24/7.
The answer is in a shift of thinking amongst men and women from ‘Many babies makes us look strong’ to ‘Children by choice not chance.’
This is slow work, but urgent as this generation begins their reproductive years. We address gender balance, values, pregnancy, abortion, contraception, decision making skills, healthy relationships, assertiveness and anger management amongst many other issues facing vulnerable youth from deep fractured and hurting backgrounds.”

Marg Docking Director

James Docking


James works in retail and has a passion to bring together his experience and interest in entrepreneurial business and the needs of developing communities around the world. In recent years he has been involved in setting up a Melbourne based tourism company, as well as a small scale business selling handmade crafts from Kenya to support a slum community in Nairobi.

 ”As Marg Docking’s son I have inherited a desire to work alongside people in developing communities, especially in East Africa. I have been fortunate enough to visit Uganda several times and can clearly see the desperate need for the training that Wise Choices For Life offers.”

James Docking Secretary

Byron Groves


Byron has a background in Banking and Finance having worked for the Commonwealth Bank for 20 plus years. He then commenced work in NGO’s firstly as an independent School Business Manager, then as the CEO of a Church based Nursing Home/Retirement Village and Welfare Agency.  He is currently the Director of Operations at New Peninsula Baptist Church.  In his spare time he likes to travel, gardening and just resting with a good book or movie.

 ”I have a passion for East Africa, firstly because my youngest son has worked in Tanzania plus is now working for an aid organization in South Sudan and secondly as my Church has a Mission Partnership with Bethel Baptist Church in Mbale, Uganda, so being involved allows me to help in an area where I and WCFL have a passion.”


Martin Embery

Martin has a strong heritage in leadership, working in a frontier environment, and a heart for God’s children. He has spent most of his life in architecture, business & operational management including industry partnerships, government relations and volunteerism. Martin has managed and developed many different enterprises and spent over 45 years working with thousands of volunteers and clients within Australia and internationally.

Martin maintains a strong faith in his Creator God and it is this faith that motivates him whilst advising senior executives of a number of organisations and not for profits in strategy development and business planning.

“I strongly believe in the need for people to experience God’s purpose for them, to be valued and have an opportunity to value add. I believe a course can be established with organisations through which people can engage with, inclusive of everyone’s part and purpose in Christ”

Martin profile small
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